Truth Matters

During the October 28th debate I promised to provide factual, verified resources for Utahns in Congressional District 4 to help them make an informed decision when they vote. I will continue to add to this page as I receive your questions and feedback.

Enjoy the Debate! Please be patient. Audio starts at 11 seconds.

During the debate Burgess Owens claimed that he had never taken a hard line stance of zero exceptions for abortions especially in the case of incest and rape. FALSE

I pointed out that his own website stated clearly he held that terrible position and that his own church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints website had a much more rational and supportive position on abortion and exceptions. He still denied it. You can check out both websites for yourself to see the truth of my assertions. Note that he has since taken that position down as many Republicans have and they also have lied about ever having held that position.

During the debate, Burgess named a Democratic state (California) and the Democratic and  predominantly-African American city of Baltimore for being low in education.

Burgess’ intent was to give an impression that Democratic-leaning cities and states fail African Americans. It is part of his narrative that is simply not supported by facts. In fact, the opposite is true.

Education Rankings
Measuring how well states are educating their students

During the debate, Burgess stated that CRT was being taught in Utah classrooms. FALSE

An audit performed by the State of Utah found, “no evidence,” of  critical race theory being taught in Utah’s public schools.

“There’s no evidence that any widespread teaching of critical race theory is happening in Utah classrooms — despite “considerable concerns expressed by parents” — according to a state audit released this week.”

During the debate, Burgess stated that, “$31 trillion of debt is what the Democrats caused.”


Everybody knows that at the end of his second term, outgoing Democratic president Bill Clinton handed over to incoming Republican President, George W. Bush a surplus in 2001. This is a good point to start counting our National Debt.

  1. After the September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists attack on our country the U.S went to war in Afghanistan. In 2003, the Iraq War began.
  2. The first of the “Bush tax cuts,” formally named the Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 was passed.
  3. The Federal Reserve, chaired by Republican Alan Greenspan, lowered the federal funds rate to 1% in June 2003
  4. The second of the “Bush Tax Cuts,” the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 was passed.
  5. The US went to war in Iraq 2003
  6. Because the tax cuts were financed by borrowing they added to a growing national debt. The Bush tax cuts was responsible for roughly one-third of the federal debt owed by 2018.
  7. In early 2006, home prices started to fall. One year later, subprime lenders began to file for bankruptcy. By October 2008, the U.S economy was in a full blown meltdown.
  8. This economic meltdown was inherited by incoming Democratic President, Barack Obama.


For Burgess Owens to say that Democrats alone caused $31 trillion added to the national debt is simply not true.

During the debate, Burgess said, “The first bill I passed…” Burgess Owens has never passed a bill.